Wow, this wiki is dead! I was thinking if we come back to this wiki? Chat, and be the old us! Right now, I was looking thru this wiki, I was kinda sad. I noticed I've became another Soul. I'm not the old me? WHY?! Is it cause I hardly hang with my bestest friends, or I'm just dying? I like my old memories...I want those old memories to come back! So, I'll see you guys in chat. Please come to chat. I just want to go back to my bestest friends again. I hardly see them... hardly text them, message them... etc...

Anyways, hi. I'm The Bullet.  Admin on this wiki. Also trying to liven this wiki a bit.

I kinda used to always be here, but I forgot what happened, my friends and I never been here again..

I'm still trying to figure out what happened to my friends. They're never online now...

My friends who I used to chat with a lotEdit